Jan - May 2019

My friends and I worked on this contract for over 4 months. Bacon Inc. reached out to develop their iOS platform for their employers-users to create, update and admin their shifts.

Extra features on the calendar-based app allow the employer to accept, reject and rate applicants. My part on this contract was to create the entire iOS app and my friends took care of the UX and backend.


  • Built the entire iOS app from start to finish.

  • Credit card integration

  • Used patterns: MVC, Singleton, Facade, Delegate.

Technologies learned:

  • Stripe integration

  • Google Map SDK



  • When an applicant is accepted, the employer has ten seconds to cancel the action before the request is sent off. I build a subtle animation to accomplish that.

  • I created animated toast to let the user know when actions succeeded or failed.



  • Field checking before moving through the login flow.

  • I built an apple-like code verification view for phone number checking.


Learn more about the company here.

All information and screens displayed have been approved for Bacon Works Inc.