BYU Miller Competition Series Award 2019



The MIller Competition Series, together with BYU’s technology and entrepreneurship center host a mobile competition every year, and our team won third place and audience choice award with MedoBody! The judging criteria was based on app construction, quality, implementation, design and usefulness of the app.



Don’t let you avatar die!
Based on the Tamagotchi game on the early 90’s we created a gamified workout-tracker iOS app. Your avatar lights up when a body part gets a workout and fades over time (three different preferences) becoming all gray and sad. The more consistent and diverse (gotta work those legs) your workouts are, the more your avatar lights up. Keep your avatar alive and happy and get some dopamine while at it!


My two friends took care of the design and the backend. I worked on the iOS app.


  • The avatar has a front and back. We included the most common muscles to workout.

  • There is a section to input the body part measurements and the history of every workout.

  • The settings allow you to pick an intensity level, the more intense, the faster the avatar becomes gray again.