May 2019 - Present


Simple Nexus produces software for hundreds of Mortgage companies and they are killing it. A fast growing company that requires from their developers great team work and ownership.

This internship has been hands on since day one. My mainly focus has been iOS engineering. Our team would analyze a specific customer needs and implement the software for it.


  • Converted network architecture from RESTful API to GraphQL on 5 main screens.

  • Built screens for Loan Officers to manage their tasks and communicate more efficiently with their borrowers and real state agents.

  • Revamped the home-screens for the borrowers, real state agents and loan officers.

Technologies learned:

  • GraphQL

  • Apollo Platform

  • Redux architecture (ReSwift)

  • Infinite Scroll

Learn more about the company here.

All information and screens displayed have been approved for SimpleNexus.